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Posted 6/23/2012 5:10am by Sharon Kinsey .

Notice anything different about Dude?  Look closer - can't tell - well he can.  Dude is now gelded and he is not too happy about it either.  Who would be?  

dude - a changed man

But it was time.  Dude has always been a sweet boy - not a mean bone in his body - but as you will see from the other pictures today, he was way to sexually active!  Both Ruby and Jade are expecting - yup  - both of them.  I think Jade is further along - scheduled ultrasounds for Monday.  I am not keeping two more donkeys - sadly they will be sold.  But it sure will be fun watching little ones run around the pasture again!  

pregnant jade

Here is a very pregnant jade. 

 See that buldge on the right side.  Yup - that's baby.  I took a second picture just to be sure.  I don't think she is more than 2 months from delivery but we will see.  

pregnant jade



 You can actually the baby better on this second photo.  It is interesting the way one side buldges out due to the way the baby is laying - after all this is a big.... baby.  So here's Ruby - also expecting - again.  Poor girl - if Dude had his way she'd be bare-hoofed and pregnant the rest of her life! This will be her third.  Jade is her first - Pearl her second and now - well - hoping for another girl.  After this - she is out of the baby business!  

Pregnant ruby


 There has been one other noteworthy even on the farm this past week.  I finally took Golda to the groomer.  This was the second year in a row she did not blow her coat and although I brush her out often, something bothered me about her not shedding out two years straight.  So off we went - her first trip off the farm.  Then I got the dreaded call - she had to be shaved - no choice - matts on matts and some really nasty stuff underneath.  So we agreed.  


I felt horrible for letting it go so long.  Anyway - here she is - Jim thinks she looks like a poodle - actually she does but we do not say that out loud :-)  Her hair will grow back and she will forget all about it.  She was depressed for 3 days after - actually hid - did not want to eat or play - but she is back to her old self these days - with just a little less hair....

Blessings to all!