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Another Angel in Heaven - Bailey 11/9/01 - 9/2/12

Posted 9/3/2012 5:35am by Sharon Kinsey .

         With a heavy heart, I report that Jim and I helped Bailey cross the bridge last night.  It was unexpected for sure.  Over the past week, Bailey has slowly lost the use of his remaining rear leg.  No pain or discomfort – just no control.  Last Friday Bailey had his monthly battery of tests – chest x-ray, abdominal ultrasound, blood work – all normal.  We also asked for x-rays of his rear leg – nothing unusual showed up.  Saturday, Bailey could no longer support himself to go to the bathroom.  Yesterday morning he had an “accident” because he could not get himself up.  The back leg just dragged.  We decided to tough it out until Tuesday morning when Bailey had another vet appointment. 

Last night, after drinking water, Bailey coughed up some phlegm that had blood in it.  I discovered some bleeding from one small area on his gum.  I contacted the on-call vet and asked for a referral to NC State.  We arrived at NCSU emergency room around 9:30 pm.  Preliminary findings after x-rays and blood work – blood profile normal, leg normal, probable bleeding into the lungs and a life threatening heart arrhythmia.  Main concern by emergency staff was the heart problem followed by bleeding for which they could not determine the source. 

God is amazing and I am always awed at the way he makes difficult decision-making easy.  On the way to the hospital, I prayed and by the time we arrived, I knew this was a one-way trip.  When the doctor gave us the preliminary findings – I knew it was God’s way of telling us the time had come to say goodbye.  Bailey was not in pain at this point and the right decision at this point would prevent a prolonged and difficult route to the same destination.  We had no trouble making the decision to say goodbye and I know he was ready.  We requested an autopsy (which they do free of course) – and will have the results in a couple of days.  At this point, we do not know if it was the cancer that sent him home – and that, of course, is troubling.  To beat cancer and die anyway – how ironic. 

             I am at peace with our decision and with much prayer and faith am actually in a good place this morning.  I know I will mourn him for a long time – he was a special boy – but I also know he is now pain-free and he will live on in my heart.  I will report on the autopsy reports when available.  Now I need to turn my full attention to Bongo and his ongoing journey with cancer. 

Continue to pray for Bongo as he travels his own road with the dreaded cancer.

Bailey post op