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Lambs!!!! Kittens!!!! Chickens!!!!

Posted 5/29/2012 1:48pm by Sharon Kinsey .

Spring has been big around the farm - lots of new additions.


At the end of April we received 6 new Faverolles - 5 hens and one roo.  I think the black one is the roo.  The coloring on several of the hens is very different than first group.

New Faverollesnew faverollesnew faverollesnew faverolles 


Well, Miss Kitty went and got herself in trouble...I could kick myself for not getting her fixed.  In Virginia they will not spay until 3 or 4 months old and so, by the time I remembered I had not taken care of it - too late!  Last week, Miss Kitty delivered 3 new kitties - very cute.  They will also find new homes in short order!

Miss Kitty's kittiesMiss Kitty's kitties 


Last December, we had an "accident."  I was holding a breeding pair of Babydolls for pick up and the lady had to delay coming for about a week.  In that time, one of the cows (I'm thinking Annabelle) decided the hay I had thrown into the stall looked better than the hay I gave her, so she popped the latch and let the sheep out and herself in.  It did not take but a few hours for Moses to add to the population.  The ladies were lined up with numbers.  Oh well....  I am not sure, but I sure thought at least 6 ewes were pregnant but so far - on Saturday - Leah was the first to deliver twin rams (soon to be wethers).  I am naming them Pinto and Paint (for obvious reasons).  They are Barbado Dolls and will be for sale when weaned for $200 each.  Leah makes the most beautiful babies!  I do not know if more are on the way - it sure is passed the delivery date I calculated but it is possible that I got the date wrong. If babies are on the way - they should be here in the next 3 days.  

Leah's boys 2012Leah's boys 2012Leah's boys 2012 

Bongo and Bailey Update

 Bongo and Bailey have both finished their primary chemo treatments and about to start a low dose chemo regimine - they are both doing beautifully.  This month Bailey celebrated his 5 month ampiversary and Bongo celebrated his 3 month ampiversary.  Please keep them in your prayers.  

Sharon and Babe

Well, I have finally managed to get in some saddle time.  I spent 4 days at a special clinic in Lexington Virginia where I finally learned that I am supposed to control Babe, not the other way around!  This past weekend I attended an ACTHA ride in Palmyra Virginia where Babe and I learned how to avoid trees on the trail....it took a while and I have the bruises to prove it but we now have that skill down pat.  We also competed in our first obstacle courses.  No ribbons but we had a blast!  Especially when I had to dismount and mount with a large stuffed dog in my hands.  Babe never batted an eye.  Nor did the big blue whale they placed at one of the creek crossings.  She's come a long way - so have I.  

New Jungle Jim

I do not remember posting pictures of the new playset for the goats.  I am waiting for one of them to jump on Pearl's back!

New jungle jimNew jungle Jim 


I think Pattilabelle is now full grown - not sure about Anabelle - she may have another hundred pounds or so yet to go.

Pattilabelle and Annabelle 

My Irises

I have found a love for Bearded Iris and so I have been busy planting them over the past year or so.  Here are a few pictures - they are so beautiful.  Normally, plants come to my house to die - but I think my luck has finally changed.  

Sharon's IrisSharon's IrisSharon's IrisSharon's Iris 


That's it for now.  Stay tuned for more lamb announcements.  I will post this info on the main web page and under for sale as well.

Please pray for all those who are suffering in body, mind, or spirit.