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Posted 2/18/2015 5:10am by Sharon Kinsey .
         Well, it has been longer than my poor brain can remember since the last update. I'm not sure I can even remember what I've told everyone and what I have not!  Actually, the farm has been pretty stable - not a lot new going on with the animals.  We've added a couple of ewes for breeding - which is accomplished.  We should have lambs on the ground starting in mid-April.  
          We lost Elka, our beautiful LGD who had such a special bond with the rams - but we added Cloud, who maybe does not like the boys as much as Elka did - but oh well - it's a job!
           We lost our original rooster Roo-D to who knows what.  But we replaced him with another - Roo-D2 and he now has a son - Roo-D2, Jr. whom he is training to aggravate the hens.   
        We also lost our grand old house cat - Elijah.  Elijah lived 19 wonderful years and got to meet every single animal we have ever had.  We were lucky to have him so long.
           We added a new house dog - Sylvie.  She is a Malti-poo - a nice way of saying she looks like a rag mop.  Even when she goes to the groomer, within 30 minutes she looks like a homeless dog again!  She has joined Rebekah as a certified therapy dog and enjoys visiting the nursing homes twice a week.  Because of her size, she is great for cuddling up on a bed with someone.  
           The really big news is in my life.  I graduated from SNHU with a BA in English Literature and then immediately began a Masters of Education program.  The past year, I have been student teaching at a local middle school and hope to be teaching there (6th grade reading)  full time come August.   I am more than a little nervous about working full time again.  One gets used to a certain amount of freedom in managing your own schedule.  Naps in the afternoon.  Trips to the grocery store whenever.  Running errands.  All of a sudden, my life will not be entirely my own.  Jim is also planning to return to work - not sure doing what just yet - but like me, he needs a bit more human contact - not that hanging out with cows isn't fun, but...
          We do not get to see as much of family and friends as we would like.  Everyone is busy.  When you live on a farm, you begin to appreciate the meaning of "SLOW DOWN."  Everything slows down on a farm and all of a sudden you see things you never noticed before - like the shape of certain trees, or the way the pond looks at different times of day, or how the sheep and goats gather in certain groups.  I think this is a good thing and I hope I never lose the ability to see with "slow" eyes.  The time we spend on this earth is so amazingly short - not taking time to appreciate what God gave us seems, well almost criminal!  And I have been as guilty of that as anyone else.  But not anymore.  At 62, I know I'm on the back-end of the roller coaster and I do not intend to close my eyes for the rest of the ride.  It took me 62 years to understand something fundamental about life - it's not the destination that counts - it's the journey...
         God bless everyone and keep in touch with us please.
Sharon Kinsey
James Forrester