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Posted 6/19/2012 3:36pm by Sharon Kinsey .

         Our bedroom and bath is now a nursery complete with two litterboxes (one big and one small) plus food dishes plus toys.  Miss Kitty is a wonderful mom - she does not want to leave the bedroom (which is a good thing because she won't see freedom until we take care of a little matter called birth control).  Solomon is not a happy camper - he is used to sleeping in bed and he is now relegated to the mud room floor - how the mighty have fallen!  I tried letting him in for a while but he sat perched on the bed staring at the kitties as if they were hamburgers - that was the end of that.

          This is the first time I have had the opportunity to watch kittens grow up.  It really is special.  Once they opened their eyes (about 2 weeks) they could not wait to move around.  I tried making a nest in our walk in closet but Miss Kitty kept moving them to my underwear drawer.  Well, that wouldn't do so I let them have the bedroom and bathroom.  She immediately moved the kittens to behind our bed.  Fine.  But in he past week they have been pretty much living in the middle of the bedroom floor.  Everythng is a toy.  They have even figured out how to climb the few stairs onto the bed (we keep those stairs for elderly dogs).   

          Miss Kitty talks to them all day long (and all night unfortunately).  Not sure what she is saying but they respond.  She bathes them daily which is a real hoot to watch because they do all they can to hide from her when they know the time is near.  They are now 4 weeks old.  I think I have them all spoken for - which is a good thing because DH (dear hubby) didn't  warm to the idea of three more cats in the hosue (what 9 would be too many?)  I did not name them - and I think the b/w ones are boys - not sure - don't care - not my problem.....

 Here are a few photos taken around bath time:

b/w kitty orange kitty

B/w kittyorange kittyb/w kittyMiss Kitty and Kittyb/w kittyBath time b/w kittynew kitty bathb/w kitty