House Cats


       Every house has at least one cat and we have 3.  All are rescues and all have very distinct personalities.  You can see more photos of our house cats by clinking on the link to the left.


        Elija came from the SPCA in Santa Cruz California.  He is very affectionate and when he wants it he lets you know, even if you were sleeping!   He uesd to be an indoor/outdoor kitty, but since our move to Virginia he has decided that indoors is fine for him.   He occupies the second floor guest bedroom as well as my office chair. 




         Joshua came to us from the UC Davis animal hospital.  A vet tech found him amongst a litter of feral cats along with mom.  They successful adopted out every one of the cats.  Josh has turned into a "big" boy with lots of personality.  He is truly and indoor/outdoor cat - the only one of our cats who will lower himself to use a cat door.




          Jazzy was found outside of a Jazzersize class in Watsonville, Ca.  A friend took him in but her Persian cat didn't think much of having such a low class alley cat in HER home.  So I volunteered.  Jazzy is our most affectionate cat and, like Elijah, went from indoor/outdoor status to purely indoors.  The dogs like to chase her so she prefers the safety of the house.  She has also become a "healthy" sized cat.

Jazz and Friend


I guess I am glad people view my home as a good one for animals in need.  Then again - the bed is getting crowded!  A friend asked me if I could take a kitty that she could no longer keep since her living arrangements changed.  What could I say?  Enter Frankie - a beautiful orange bobtail tabby - yes a bobtail, meaning NO TAIL.  He is beautiful and very loving.  Until Samson died you could always find him curled up under Sammy's chin or under a leg.  Now Frankie uses Solomon for a pillow and Solly takes it all in good humor.


 Frankie and Samson


One day my best friend Dee showed up at my house holding this little tortoise shell kitty.  Someone had dumped the kitty in her front yard.  Hard to believe because this is the lovingest, sweetest, cutest kitty ever!  Well, Miss Kitty made herself right at home.  She and Frankie became very fast friends and now pal around and play whenever they are not sleeping.


 Miss Kitty