Sometimes saying no is just not an option.  When we agreed to take Solomon in as a "foster" placement we knew almost immediately he'd never leave us.  And so it was - another failed foster placement.   You can see more  Solomon photos under Newfs or Dogs Gallery tag.


Solomon Closeup



      Everyone needs a "Shmuppy" - a wonderful term a friend used to describe her mixed breed. We bought Bailey for$20 from a guy who said he was selling "golden retriever/lab" mixed puppies which he brought back from an Indian reservation in Arizona.  Well, we had just lost Beauregarde and needed to fill the emotional void, so we went over to take a look.  You be the judge.  Is this a golden retriever/lab mix??  

      Bailey is an "old soul."  There is someone special inside that furball.  He is smart and intuitive.  Very sensitive to emotions.  He never liked to ride in a car but after he travelled 2700 miles in a camper, he has become quite the road warrior always read to jump into the front seat.  

Bailey is now a certified therapy dog and visits nursing homes with me. The residents refer to him as a "sooner" - just as sooner one thing as another :-) 




Bailey 2 months



 They say a sucker is born every minute.  Well, I am not ashamed to be one of those.  Someone got my name as a "dog softy" and emailed me a plea from a shelter in Louisiana for a Great Pyr in need of a new home "or else."  It was the "or else" that got me.   It turns out that Rebekah (then Frosting) was living on a farm in Louisiana and not well cared for.  In fact, the owner had her living in a cattle trailer because she "annoyed" his other dogs.  It took a bit of planning, but with the help of caring folks we got her transported to Virginia.  Here is a picture of when we got her in February 2011 and what she looks like today (healthy).  She and Solomon are just starting to become friends.  Like Bailey, Rebekah is now a certified therapy dog.