GOLDA      Enter GOLDA, a Great Pyreneese.  My neighbors two Great Pyrs mated and she ended up with a litter of 12.  The parents are working dogs guarding sheep and alpacas.  Golda came to us at 12 weeks and she immediately set up residence with the sheep.  She did fine on her own until our first lambing season when we lost a lamb to a predator. 


.  Bongo is one third Great Pyr, one third Maremma, and one third Anatolian Shepherd.  He comes from Washington where he guarded sheep and goats for several years.  He and Golda became fast friends and often split up the guard duty.  You will see Golda up in the barnyard while Bongo guards the pasture and vice versa.  

BongoBongo and GoldaGolda1




        Once we moved to our new farm in Virginia, we knew we needed to get an additional guard dog for our rams.  Along came Elka - an Anatolian Shepherd in need of a new working home.  At 3 years old she is a pro at managing her flock and takes her job very seriously.  


 ElkaElkaElka with boys