It started with rescuing 3 Barbado sheep at the Santa Cruz , California SPCA.   We brought home Sarah and her two children, Simone and Jacob. 

Sarah Simone  Jacob

  That was quickly followed by a rescue of 3 Cheviot Border Sheep from the Monterey, California SPCA.  We added Miriam, Eve and Eve’s lamb who later died.  

 CheviotsMiriam  Eve and Ramses

Somewhere along the line we came up with the brilliant idea of adopting 2 donkeys from the Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue.  Enter Ruby and Jade. 

Ruby and Jade Ruby Jade 

 We didn’t ignore canines and felines.  To the contrary, we have brought a steady stream of rescues into our home.  

Bart the barn cat 

Bart the barn cat

Solomon Closeup 

Solomon from Newfoundland Rescue 

Elijah - Cat on a Hot Tin RoofElijah




Mr. Bailey 

Jazz and Friend 

Jazzie (with friend) 

             It is our intent to continue to provide a home for rescue sheep, goats, donkeys and whatever else makes sense at the moment.  Check in one and a while to see who’s new!   Also check out our links page for some of our favorite rescue organizations.