What is a farm without pigs?  Did you know that pigs have the IQ of about a 5 year old?  

      So I set about finding a small pig and came home with Jonah.  Now Jonah was billed as a neutered male but my city slicker friend Rebecca from California took one look at Jonah and advised me that Jonah was a she not a he.  Hmmmm - you'd think I would have noticed that?  Oh well - it is a learning process.  Anyway - Jonah is a cutie no matter what the sex and loves belly rubs.  She will roll over when you scratch her. 


        I am a firm believer that everyone needs a friend and Jonah did too.  This time I wanted to rescue one so I contacted the NC Pig Rescue and found Claire.  Now Claire is not quite as small as Jonah but she is every bit as lovable.  Her size puts her at the top of the pecking order and Jonah is quick to obey.  


Jonah and Claire manage together just fine and even share food!

Jonah and Claire 

      I figured I was set with pigs but God had other plans.  Someone contacted NC Pig Rescue with a need to rehome a pig whose owner had become too feeble to care for him.  Pig Rescue contacted me - and well - when I found out the pig's name was Eli I knew it was meant to be.  So Eli joined our little family.  Eli is a little guy and I am not sure how much bigger he will get.  He has taken over as low man on the totem pole and Jonah enjoys her new status as one of the "older elite."  Unfortunately Eli has two masters (tormentors) - but he is learning to cope.