No one will forget September 11, 2002.  I stayed home that day glued to the tv.  Early afternoon I layed down for a nap.  An hour later I woke up and noticed a few white feathers on the bathroom floor.  I walked into the bathroom and saw more white feathers.  I assumed that Lambchop (see In Memorium) had brought in his lunch.  Lambchop was sitting in front of the sink looking up.  I followed his gaze and found a white dove sitting on the counter.  Just quietly sitting.  I picked it up - saw no injuries and took it outside and set it on the fence railing.  30 minutes later the dove still sat on the fence.  I brought the dove in - put it in a box and took it to a local vet.  Not a thing wrong with the dove.  Enter HOPE.   Since doves generally live in flocks,  we found a dove breeder and added  PRIDE.  






Brooding2 days old



      We created an aviary and added 6 more doves.   When we moved to Virginia we left two babies behind for our tenant but we have two more sets of twins!  Moving to Virginia created the additional challenge of weatherproofing our new aviary.  Amazing that the cage manufacturers did not have a solution.  We turned to our local awning business - Lake Gaston Awning and crafted a beautiful solution involving individual panels which role up and are attached with velcro.  We also installed a 6 ft heater with temperature control and thermostat. 



 Aviary with panels down