Welcome to Follow Your Dream Farm.   My dream started at a very young age.  I loved animals.  The zoo was my favorite place to go.  My grandmother used to tell me stories about the farm she grew up on in Upstate New York and I just knew one day I'd have that experience.  Fast forward a zillion years and I now live my dream.  We started in California on a 5 acre mini farm with a few babydoll sheep, a few rescued barbados sheep, and 2 rescued donkeys.  

        It did not take long for the breeding bug to bite and I got our first babydoll ram - Pepper.  The rest is history.  In 2008 my husband and I along with 2 donkeys, 2 goats, 12 sheep, 4 house dogs, 2 livestock guardian dogs, 3 cats, and a cage full of ringneck doves - packed up and moved to our farm in Virginia.  It was like moving Noah's Ark - only over the highway.  The memories of the trip still gives me nightmares :-)  

       Once here, it did not take long to make use of the land.   I still breed Southdown Babydolls but also crosses - Cheviot Dolls and Barbado Dolls.   We've added a few additional animals as well.  A couple of cows, a couple more donkeys, a horse, a mule, 2 pigs, 2 more goats, another guard dog, and a dozen barn cats.    Several new goats are expected shortly.  

       I hope you enjoy looking at the many "family" pictures.    God has blessed me in so many ways and I love to share the experience.  Sign up for regular updates of my blog and you can also find me on Facebook.   If you ever find yourself near Halifax County Virginia - please visit.  



 Front of Hosue


Miriam and lamb strollingBongo and Rachel taking a snowy strollPatti and Annabelle